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In order to provide a safe and healthful work environment, we have established a workplace safety program that is a top priority for Southern Concrete Materials. Through intensive, ongoing training, SCM provides our employees with best practices and reinforcement of guidelines that will help keep us safe at our jobs each and every day. We also strive to keep our workplace fun – through challenges from site to site or through incentive programs to help reward exceptional performance.

SCM values safe and productive teamwork. SCM also realizes that everyone at each division of the company is a vital component to our overall success. We know that we have a tremendous responsibility as stewards not only to our customers and our personal safety – but also to our environment. We understand that the earth that we utilize for our natural resources needs to be protected and maintained in order for us to be true and partners of our own communities and neighborhoods.

We strive to comply fully with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. We have a comprehensive environmental policy that demands regular training for each of our employees and on-going compliance with high-standards. Through continued training, SCM has developed one of the strongest environmental programs in the industry – having been recognized time and again for our dedication to our surrounding habitats.


Southern Concrete Materials Safety Program has been nationally recognized by The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association for its innovation and its dynamic effects toward a safe workplace.  Awarded for having Innovative Training in 2008 by the NRMCA, for its use of a mobile training facility, SCM continues to look for innovative solutions to employee training.


SCM Drivers have been Nationally recognized yearly by the NRMCA as among the best in the nation for Safe Drivers.

In the past 15 years, SCM has placed in the National Contest 14 times and has won 1st Place in the National Safe Driver Contest 3 times:

Mr. Calvin Brackett of Asheville, NC won 1st Place in 1999

Mr. Charles Smith of Weaverville, NC won 1st Place in 2004

Mr. Scott Cossar of Murphy, NC. won 1st Place in 2007

In addition, SCM individual Concrete Facilities have won over 450 Plant Safety Awards for accident free workplaces and safe plant facilities.

Likewise, SCM has been a leader in the Tri-state area for safety recognition.


Our concrete plants have also won over 500 Plant Safety Awards from the Carolinas Ready Mixed Concrete Association, CRMCA, in the past 15 years and our Ready Mix Concrete Truck Drivers have placed in the top three drivers of the year every year since 1999, winning first place for 10 out of the past 14 years.

CRMCA First Place Safe Driver of the year:

1999; Mr. Calvin Brackett, Asheville, NC

2000: Mr. Neil Sanders, Asheville, NC

2001: Mr. Carlton Bishop, Hendersonville, NC

2002: Mr. Stanley Pressley, Brevard, NC

2003: Mr. Jerry Hemphill, Charlotte, NC

2004: Mr. Charles Smith, Weaverville, NC

2005: Mr. Gene Roberts, Fetcher, NC

2006: Mr. Anthony (Tony) Lemmon, Charlotte , NC

2007: Mr. Scott Cossar, Murphy, NC

 2008: Mr. RL Jordan, Andrews , NC

Company Awards

The company also sponsors a Driver of the year program of its own to recognize the safest drivers every year. These drivers win cash awards from the company and then go on to compete for State and National awards.

The Following Drivers were selected Driver of the Year for SCM  and all were runner’s up at the State and National Completions.

Jonathan England 2009

Nathan Piercy 2010

Robert Phillips 2011

Scott Wilson 2012